No straw everyday
In order to practice green lifestyle, MX launched the "No straw everyday" since 2 October 2018. The restaurant will not hand out straws for cold drinks (except for take-away and ice bucket drinks). Let’s support plastic reduction and contribute to environmental protection!
Less Rice
MX has launched “Less Rice” on Aug 2018. From 13 August to 9 September 2018, for every order of less rice (dine in or takeaway), MX will donate $5 to Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service’s Kiddy Heart Canteen to subsidize students from low-come families for the start of their new school year.
Bring Your Own Bag
MX has launched “Bring Your Own Bag” on July 2018. We will donate $0.5 to selected charity organizations for each transaction that required no plastic bag or bring their own bag during 1st – 31st July 2018.
No Straw Day
MX has launched “No straw day” on June 2018, straw is available upon request to our customers on every Wednesday.