Order Procedure

Add food items to food basket

Select food items from the menu or click “Order Now” (available to desktop version only) to browse food items.

  1. Click the “Add to Food Basket” button next to the food item

  2. The order quantity is set to 1 by default. If you wish to add more, please click “Food Basket”, fill in a specific number in the quantity field, or click the 「+」/「-」buttons to change the quantity next to the quantity field

  3. Input special requests for your orders or collection requirements in the “Special Requirements” field.


Select pick-up method
Click “Food Basket” to review all the selected items, and then click “Next”. You may select “Pick-up at Stores” or “Delivery Service”. Entre any instructions and then click “Next”.

Select payment method
Entre credit card information and personal particulars, then click “Next”.
  1. In case of special promotions by credit cards, the details will be displayed in the “Applicable Offers” field after the credit card number has been filled in.

  2. If you’re using any promotional code, please entre the code in the “Promotion Code” field, then the discount details will be displayed in the “Applicable Offers” field.

  3. For orders of additional utensils, please entre the quantity in the quantity field of additional utensils, or click the 「+」/「-」buttons to change the quantity.


Order confirmation
Please verify all the order details. If needed you may click “Previous” to edit them, or click “Confirm” to complete the transaction.

Complete order and collection
After the payment process, an order number will display on screen. You can’t change the order details at this point. The confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours to your specified email. Please present a valid QR code or printed confirmation when picking up or receiving your orders.