Winter Solstice Poon Choi for 6 persons

Whole abalone (6pcs), Hokkaido whole dried scallop (6pcs), dried oyster (6pcs), soy shrimp (6pcs), stuffed fried bean curd (6pcs), pork knuckle with fermented bean curd, marinated chicken, roasted duck, stewed duck foot, braised pork, pig skin, Chinese mushroom, chestnut, broccoli, taro, stewed radish, bean curd stick, garlic

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Whole abalone

Stewed whole abalones with oyster sauce, tasty and spongy, as each bite is full of rich flavor.

Hoikkaido whole dried scallop

The fresh and sweet taste of top quality dried scallops from Hokkaido is a treat for the palate.

Korean dried oyster

Whole dried oysters obtained fresh from Korea with each having good texture and rich flavor.

Winter Solstice Poon Choi
You can order following add-on items at special add-on price upon purchase of Poon Choi. Each order for Poon Choi is entitled to purchase one of the following dishes.
Fried rice in Yangzhou style (2 lbs)
Add-on Price $98.00
Retail Price $198.00
Mango pomelo sago pudding (2 lbs)
Add-on Price $98.00
Retail Price $138.00